Mailbox Monday

Welcome back IronBirds fans!  It is officially Opening Week  in Aberdeen.  We have some major changes going on at Ripken Stadium and we can’t wait for you to see them on Friday.    We have had several great questions over the past week and we have selected a few this week to answer.  Make sure to keep sending them throughout the season to

Cody writes: “How many starts will Dylan Bundy get with Aberdeen?”

IB:  Right now they are estimating at least three.  That can always change though.  Unfortunately we do not make the decision, that will come from the Orioles.

Dylan Bundy

Photo courtesy of JLMayo Productions


Marcus asks: “Do you know which game Bundy will be pitching at home?”

IB: Bundy is scheduled to pitch at home on Saturday, June 21st.  If everything goes as planned, he is on a six day rotation.  He is coming back from Tommy John surgery so the Orioles will be carefully monitoring him to make sure he has no soreness.  Anything could change if something feels uncomfortable.


Nick writes: “Are there any other players scheduled for a rehab starts with the IronBirds?”

IB: We often do not know until the day the player arrives if we are getting any rehab players.   It is always hard to say.  We have had many players come through Aberdeen in the past so it is likely we will see more in the future.


Thanks again to all of the fans for submitting questions over the past week.  We have an exciting week on the blog this week.  Make sure to check back to see the Ultimate Fan’s Guide to the Opening Homestand and on Thursday we will have a special blog about Opening Day!

Until then… Go IronBirds!

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