Mailbox Monday

Welcome back IronBirds fans!!!!!  The IronBirds have arrived!  This is going to be  an exciting two weeks as we not only celebrate the start of the IronBirds season, but the IronBirds Home Opener as well.  With all of the excitement going on, we thank all of our fans for sending in questions over the past week.   Make sure to keep sending them to  We only have one Mailbox Monday left before Opening Day!

Barry asks: “When will a roster be announced?”

IB: Barry, we actually announced a “Break Camp” Roster tonight.  You can check it out here:


Sandy writes: “Does the Open Practice event on Thursday require a ticket?”

IB: You do not need a ticket for the event because it is actually FREE!  Gates will be open 6-8!

IB Practice

Laura writes: “Are there any familiar faces coming back this year?”

IB: As of right now it is looking like yes.  Some returning players include Augey Bill, Garrett Cortright, Nick Cunningham, Manny Hernandex, and Ronarsy Ledesma.  The roster could change between now and Friday so we may see a few more familiar faces!


Thanks again to all of our fans for submitting questions.  Check back often this week as more stories will be posted about the upcoming season!

Go IronBirds!!!!



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