Mailbox Monday

Welcome back IronBirds fans!  It was a great weekend at Ripken Stadium after we welcomed over 600 girl scouts to the annual campout at the stadium. We hope everyone else had us much fun as we did.  We also want to offer a huge congratulations to the Ripken Cup winner, the University of Maryland, for winning their regional yesterday.

We had several great questions submitted over the past week and have selected a few to answer today. Make sure to keep sending those questions over to  We only have two more Mailbox Monday’s left before Opening Day!

Doug writes: ” I recently saw Mike Yastrzemski’s name come across some news for Minor League baseball.  How has he been doing recently?”

IB: Yaz has been making the news recently because he is actually leading the South Atlantic League in triples so far this season and is second in all of the minors. While he will always live in the shadow of his Hall of Famer grandfather, Mike is making a name all on his own. He actually tied his grandfather’s triples record from the minors on Saturday and has one less than his grandfather’s Major League record.  With more than half of the season left at this point, I think Yaz has a pretty good chance of breaking his grandfather’s record.

Mike Yastrzemski 8-25-13 (69)

Suzanne writes: “With the college baseball postseason going on, what happens if one of the players drafted by the Orioles is still playing for their college team?  When will they join the IronBirds?”

IB: “This year the First-Year Player Draft begins on Thursday.  Currently the Orioles do not have a first or second round pick meaning the first player drafted won’t come until Friday.  After the draft it can take some time to sign their contract. Even if their school has been eliminated, a drafted player may not join the IronBirds until after the season has started depending on contract negotiations.  Once a player finishes the season, he can begin any contract negations.  Super Regionals are this weekend so only eight teams will be remaining after this weekend.

Last year Mike Yastrzemski made it to the Super Regionals with Vanderbilt.  They were eliminated after two games by Louisville.  Yaz did join the IronBirds in the end of June missing only a handful of games.


Thanks again to all of our fans for submitting questions over the past week.  Make sure to check back on Thursday for more insider information as we prepare for the season!

Until then…Go IronBirds!


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  1. How Are Kemp and Castingni doing in Salisbury? 


    Ron Sollod Harford CountyFire & EMS Association Fire Prevention Committee Chair


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