Hometown Heroes

Welcome back IronBirds fans!  We are officially 29 days from Opening Day!  This year we have a very special new honor that we will be awarding every home game. Today I want to go into a little more detail about this new program, Hometown Heroes.

We realize that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. A hero could be someone from our military, but it can also be your mom or your neighbor.  This season the IronBirds want to honor all of these special people. We are looking for all of our fans to nominate a local hero.  It is easy to do as well.    To nominate a hero go to the Aberdeen IronBirds Facebook page or go to ironbirdsheroes.com.  Click on the orange button and you can nominate your hero.

Once all of our fans have nominated a local hero, you can than log onto the Facebook page to vote for your favorites.  We will select 38 winners, one for each game.  Each game’s winner will receive free tickets and will be able to deliver the lineup card to the managers meeting before the game.

So fans, check out the website to nominate anyone you deem worthy of being a hero to you.

Hometown Heros

Make sure to submit your questions over the weekend for a new edition of Mailbox Monday next week.  You can send them to blog@aberdeenironbirds.com.  Check back on Monday to see if your question was answered!

Until then…Go IronBirds!!!

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