Mailbox Monday

Welcome back IronBirds fans!  Sorry for the late post today, we have been busy putting together all of the season ticket booklets for our great fans today.  Thanks to all of our wonderful fans for submitting questions over the past week. We are 39 days away from Opening Day and less than two weeks away from the LGC Celebrity Kickball Game presented by Marlon Brown and Matt Elam.  Remember to keep sending your questions to and check back to see if yours is selected next week!

Stacey writes: “Besides Marlon Brown and Matt Elam, do we know any other Ravens players at the Celebrity Kickball Game?”

IB:  Actually Stacey, they just announced three more this evening.  Justin Tucker, Arthur Brown, and Aaron Mellette will also be there.  If you still need your tickets call the office or you can purchase online.

Terry writes: “Glynn Davis was one of my favorite players to watch in 2011. What has happened to him since then?”

Glynn Davis 7-24-11 (55)

IB: Glynn Davis  has had several successes since leaving the IronBirds. The 2011 All Star is currently with the Frederick Keys. Through 32 games, Davis is batting .351 and has already stolen base 7 times.  Steals have always been a strength of Davis’ and he is currently leading the Keys so far this year.  He is on track to have a stronger season than last year.


Thanks again to all of our fans for submitting  questions.  Make sure to keep sending them to  Check back on Thursday for more insider information on your favorite team, the Aberdeen IronBirds.

Until then…Go IronBirds!

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