Mailbox Monday

Welcome back IronBirds fans!  It is finally starting to feel like baseball season after the beautiful weather we have had all weekend. Thanks to all of the fans who sent over questions over the past week. Remember to keep sending them to


Ron commented: “What ever happened to Jedidiah?”

IB: Jedidiah Stephen played for the IronBirds in 2006 and 2007.  He actually made it all the way up to Bowie in 2009.  Stephen only played four games for Bowie but was eventually cut after a rough start there. From what I have gathered, Jedidiah Stephen is now out of baseball and now enjoys hunting.  It also looks like the former Ohio State player has started a family.

Jed Stephen 7-22-07 (20)

Mary writes: “Are there still tickets available for the first Ripken Cup game with Maryland playing Towson?”

IB: Yes Mary there are!  You can call the office and purchase tickets or the Box Office will be open tomorrow for the game.


Thanks again to everyone that submitted questions over the past week.  Make sure to take a few minutes to send any of your questions over for a chance to see your questions answered here.  On Thursday we will be taking a special look at some of the community events the IronBirds have been participating in along with the brand new Art Contest! Make sure to check back then for the inside scoop!


Until then… Go IronBirds!


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