Mailbox Monday

Welcome back IronBirds fans!  Believe it or not we are only 88 days away from Opening Day!!!  We thank all of our fans for submitting questions and we encourage you to keep sending them my way!  You can email them to

Cheryl asks: “When do pocket schedules come out and how can I get one?”

IB: Pocket schedules tend to come out closer to the season.  I would check back in mid-May for these.  If you would like one, you can mail us a self addressed stamped envelope to 873 Long Drive, Aberdeen, MD 21001.

Nick writes: “I saw your Facebook post with some of last year’s IronBirds taking BP, are there IronBirds returning to the team or going to another minor league level for 2014?”

IB: At this point we do not know.  The players in the pictures were invited back for Spring Training which is a good thing.
Spring Training is winding down and teams start playing in the beginning of April.  I would expect the long season teams to announce their rosters in the next few days.  At that point we will see if any of our former players are placed on those teams.  We will have to wait until mid-June to find out our roster.

Thanks again to all our great fans for submitting questions. Make sure to check back on Thursday as we have another exciting blog with more insider information!

Until then…Go IronBirds!

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