Mailbox Monday

Welcome back IronBirds fans!  We had several great questions submitted over the past week and thank all of our fans for doing so.  We have selected a few questions to be answered today.  You can keep sending your questions to and your question may be answered here next week!

Judy writes: “Are there any chances that some of my favorite players from last season like Hector Veloz and Connor Bierfeldt will be back again for the 2014 season?”

IB: Judy there is a chance but we have no way of knowing.  At the end of last season Connor Bierfeldt had received multiple awards so I would expect the chances of seeing him back in Aberdeen a little less.  Hector Veloz could possibly be back with us this summer, but he was an IronBird in both 2012 and 2103.  We should know very soon if they make the Opening Day roster for Del Marva or any of the other affiliates.

Gary writes: “Have any other former IronBirds been on the Orioles Spring Training roster since last week?

IB: Yes Gary they have been more IronBirds on the roster! Last week Jimmy Yacabonis was listed as an available pitcher.  We are still seeing other former IronBirds be listed as well.  Even though today’s game was rained out, Mike Yastrzemski, Christian Walker, and Kevin Gausman were all listed as available players.

  Jimmy Yacabonis 6-16-13 (20)

Make sure to keep sending your questions to  Check back this Thursday for another exciting Bird Watch blog!

Until then… Go IronBirds!

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