Mailbox Monday

Welcome back IronBirds fans on this snowy Monday. Thanks to all of our fans who have sent their questions in over the past week and even today while they are snowed in.  Keep sending those questions to because you never know when you will see your question right here during Mailbox Monday!

Fred writes “I have seen two Spring Training locations listed.  What is the difference between Twin Lakes and Ed Smith Stadium?”

IB: The Orioles play their Spring Training games at Ed Smith stadium while the minor league teams play their games at the Buck O’Neil Baseball Complex at Twin Lakes Park.  The two facilities are only about a 15 minute drive apart.

Jimmy writes: “I saw yesterday that Yaz played for the Orioles. Does this mean he was promoted?”

Mike Yastrzemski 8-25-13 (69)

IB: Not exacty. Mike Yastrzemski is still in the Orioles minor league system.  During Spring Training, the Orioles will select players to come up to Ed Smith Stadium for practice or to be as an available player for games. Josh Hart was also listed as an available position player in the Orioles game yesterday.  Last week Josh Hart was practicing at Ed Smith Stadium when he was assigned his homework project.

Thanks again to everyone for submitting their questions this week.  We hope that all of our fans are staying safe and warm on this snowy Monday.  Make sure to check back on Thursday for more updates from Orioles Spring Training!

Until then…Go IronBirds!

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