Mailbox Monday

Welcome back IronBirds fans! We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and thanks to all of our fans for submitting questions over the past week. If you ever have a question you would like to be answered, send me an email at!

Ken asks:  “Do you know who the hitting coach will be this season?”

IB: Ken, at this point the Orioles have not announced a hitting coach.  Scott Beerer, our 2013 hitting coach, has been assigned as an instructor in the Orioles organization for 2014, so it is possible that he might be here for a few days this summer.

Scott Beerer 6-16-13 (25)

Richard writes: “I am an avid fan and was just wondering if my favorite player would be returning this year to the IronBirds. That player is Adam Jones.  I have followed him from the start of his career and was just wondering about his status.”

IB: Adam Jones has actually never worn the IronBirds uniform. Adam Jones came up from the Seattle Mariners organization. In 2008, Jones was traded to the Orioles with George Sherrill and three minor league pitchers for pitcher Érik Bédard. The only way we would see Jones in an IronBirds uniform would be if he were to become injured and be assigned to Aberdeen for rehab.

Thanks again to all of our fans for submitting questions over the past week. On Thursday we will take a closer look at some of the upcoming events we are having at the stadium!  Make sure to check back then to get all of the details!

Until then…. Go IronBirds!

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