Mailbox Monday

Welcome Back IronBirds fans to our last Mailbox Monday of 2013.  Thanks again to all of our fans that have submitted questions since we started Mailbox Monday just a couple of months ago.  Don’t worry though, Mailbox Monday will return in 2014 so keep sending your questions to

Andy writes: “Now that the IronBirds have changed their colors to black and orange, will Ferrous be changing his colors from blue to black?”

IB: Great question Andy!  No, Ferrous is not planning on shedding his blue feathers anytime soon.  However, Ferrous will be wearing new black and orange jerseys next season to match the team.

Jody asks: “When with the roster for the 2014 season be set?”

IB: I don’t have an exact answer on this, but it is normally about a week before the season.  The Orioles are in charge of setting the lineup. With the season starting a week earlier this year, there will be less time between the draft and the season.  It will be interesting to see if this has any effect on our roster.

Thanks again to all of our wonderful IronBirds fans.  Everyone here at the IronBirds want to wish all of our fans a very Happy Holidays.  Over the next two weeks we will be visiting some of our favorite blogs from the past three years. Make sure to check back in 2014 for more exciting blog posts including an interview with a former IronBird and fan favorite.

Until then… Happy Holidays and Go IronBirds!


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