The 12 Days of Christmas – IronBirds Style

Welcome Back IronBirds fans!  Today we have a special holiday edition of the Bird Watch Blog.  We hope you enjoy our rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas-IronBirds Style!

On the Twelve Days of Christmas

The IronBirds sent to me:

Twelve Years of Baseball

Tools of the Trade6-26-13 (4)

Eleven Kids Zone Tokens

Kids Zone Picture

Ten Popcorn Buckets


Nine Mascots Racing
Vision Race 7-29-12 (5)
Eight Shooting Fireworks
Fireworks 7-6-13 (35)

Seven $ Hot Dogs

Hot Dog
Six Stolen Bases
Mike Yastrzemski 8-25-13 (69)

Five T-Shirt Throws

T Shirt Toss 7-29-12 (14)

Four All Stars

Allstars 8-14-13 (8)a

Three Home Runs

Conor Bierfeldt 6-19-13 (10)

Two Playoff Games


And a New Division Trophy

Division Trophy Picture

From everyone here at the IronBirds, we hope all of our fans have a wonderful holiday season.  Make sure to check back Monday for the last Mailbox Monday of 2013 and send any questions you have to

Until then…Go IronBirds!

Christmas Welcome 7-30-08 (23)

3 thoughts on “The 12 Days of Christmas – IronBirds Style

  1. I absolutely LOVE this version! Thanks for taking the time to actually count the # of kids zone tokens in the picture to make sure that there are 11.

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