Mailbox Monday

Welcome back IronBirds fans to another Mailbox Monday! Thanks again to everyone who submitted questions over the past week. As always, keep sending your questions to to see if they are answered here next week.

Ashley writes:  “How is the schedule chosen?”

IB: The New York Penn League sets the schedule each year.  Each team can request certain dates that they want to play at home or they need to be away.  This is especially important to the teams that share a stadium with a college baseball team or share a parking lot with a college football stadium.  The league will then look at these dates and keep in consideration travel times when setting up the schedules.  Once the schedule is set each team must approve it before it can become official and be released to the public.

Scott writes: “Every summer I enjoy attending the Cal Ripken World Series.  Have any former players played for the IronBirds?”

IB: Not at this point; however, Darryl George, a member of the Hudson Valley Renegades this past summer, played in the Cal Ripken World Series for team Australia.

Thanks again to everyone for submitting your questions this week. Make sure to check back on Wednesday this week for a special Thanksgiving blog!

Until then… Go IronBirds!

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