Mailbox Monday

Welcome back IronBirds Fans to the 2nd Mailbox Monday.  I have enjoyed reading all of your questions over the past week and have selected a few for this week.  Remember to keep submitting your questions to and yours could be answered right here!

John writes “With the World Series coming to end recently, I was wondering have any former IronBirds players played in the World Series?”

IB: Yes!  Brandon Snyder is a former IronBirds player that played for the World Champion Boston Red Sox this past season.  He played 8 games in 2005 and 34 games in 2006 for the IronBirds. Chris Ray also won a World Championship with the San Francisco Giants in 2010.  He played for the IronBirds in 2003.

Rhonda writes “Congrats to Trey Mancini on his award!  Did any other IronBirds players win awards this year?”

IB: Two other players received recognition as well. Mike Yazstremski was named the Orioles‘ Minor League Offensive Player of the Month.  The Topps Company and Minor League Baseball recognized Connor Bierfieldt as the New York Penn League’s Player of the Month for the month of August.


Stacey asks “Do any of the IronBirds players play in a fall league?”

IB: At the end of the season, some players are selected to go to Sarasota for an instructional league.  The Orioles will often select players with a bright future to go to Florida to play in the league.  The league is a more relaxed league where players from different minor league levels play together. This year players like Hunter Harvey, Mike Yazstremski, Conor Bierfieldt, Jeff Kemp, and more were sent to play in this league.

Thanks again IronBirds fans for submitting your questions!  Make sure to keep sending them to  Check back to your Bird Watch blog this Thursday for the second half of the interview with IronBirds radio announcer Paul Taylor to see his top ten moments of the 2013 season.

Until then…

Go IronBirds!

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