Mailbox Monday

Welcome IronBirds fans to the first Mailbox Monday!  This is YOUR chance to ask the questions and we are here to answer them.  Throughout the week submit questions to and we will select a few questions to be answered right here each week!

Andy asks “Is the 2014 IronBirds Schedule available?”

IB: Yes!  The 2014 schedule is now available on our website  The half season and mini plan schedules should be posted online soon.  You can also call your account representative and ask for your specific plan’s schedule.

Tanya writes: “I am a huge Ravens fan and love Joe Flacco.  It was so exciting when his brother Mike played for the IronBirds.  Where is he now?”

IB: After playing for the IronBirds in 2010, Mike worked his way up through the Orioles system.  In 2012, he played majority of the season in Frederick along with four games in Bowie.  In the spring of 2013, Mike was traded to the Boston Red Sox, but soon after voluntarily retired. Mike has now decided to pursue a career in football like his famous brother.  This year he is playing football as a tight end for the University of New Haven.  New Haven competes at the D-II level.  Mike is considered a sophomore in the classroom.  Through October 25th, Mike is leading the team in overall receiving yards and touchdown receptions.  We wish the best of luck to Mike on the football field.

2010_Mike Flacco 6-27-10 (6)

Michael writes: “When I come to Ripken Stadium, I notice that 378 feet is marked on the outfield wall. Does that have some significance?”

IB: Yes it does!  Here at Ripken Baseball we like to do things the Ripken Way and you will see symbolism representing the Ripken family around the complex.  Bill Ripken’s number was 3, Cal Sr.’s number was 7, and Cal Jr.’s number was 8.  You will also notice that our address is 873 Long Drive.  If you look at the original IronBirds logo, the plane has blue eyes like Cal and the plane represents Aberdeen Proving Ground.

Thanks to everyone that contributed to the first Mailbox Monday!  Be sure to email your questions to to see if yours gets answered!

Make sure to check back on Thursday for Part 1 of a special interview with Paul Taylor, the official radio announcer of the 2013 IronBirds season, for a recap of this past summer!

Until then, Go IronBirds!

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