Welcome Back IronBirds Fans!

Welcome IronBirds fans to the new and improved, official Aberdeen IronBirds Blog, BirdWatch!  This is your place for the best insider information to everything Aberdeen IronBirds.  The blog is dedicated to YOU, the fans!  After a magical 2013 season, we want to provide our fans with a place to get all IronBirds information throughout the year.

We understand the off season is dull.  We miss the sound of bats cracking, daily meals of hot dogs and cheering on our favorite team. We want to make the off season a little brighter for you.  We will be covering off season insider information, check-ins with some of your favorite IronBirds, highlights from 2013 and much more. Plus, every Monday will be Mailbox Monday.  Fans, this is your chance to ask the questions.  During the week, send us your questions to blog@aberdeenironbirds.com and we will select a few to be answered right here, on BirdWatch!

So check back here often to see the latest updates and information on your favorite team.  Together we will make the off season a little brighter and the season a lot more exciting.


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